What is this website?

This website holds the projects from Finding “Vietnam”, a graduate thesis at NYU ITP by Anh Lê.

What is Finding “Vietnam”?

Finding “Vietnam” is a series of visual investigations into the multi-faceted narratives often attached to the name “Vietnam” and their role in the industrialisation and commodification of cultural memories. These projects aim to challenge the constructed terms and identity histories of "Vietnam" by examining the media landscape of America and its consumption.

What is the meaning behind the project’s names?

The projects are named after well-known US movies (‘Good Morning, Vietnam!’, named based on the movie of the same name) or sitcoms (‘The One where they Vietnam’, named based on Friends’ naming convention) or songs (‘Loving Him is Red’, named after Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ and ‘Vietnam, Viet Nam’, named after Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’).

Finding “Vietnam” is a reference to ‘Finding Neverland’, with “Vietnam” being the mythologised land that exists in America's imagination.

This is too much text, is there a TL;DR?

Yes, click here to claim access to our exclusive 10-minutes virtual tour of “Vietnam”!